Howdy! It is Stéphane from, together with my buddy  Deepak Dhami (Twitter – Blog) Both Microsoft Windows PowerShell MVP’s, we have taken the initiative to open ConfigMgrDistrict.Com and to share our ConfigMgr Knowledge with the community.

Last week, we were chatting and asking our self’s how many DSC ressources are available, and after seeing that actually not that much were existing, we decided to build this adventure, and write DSC ressources for ConfiMgr. And to make this even more fun and challeging, we decided to write as much ressources using Windows PowerShell Classes as possible.

For the next comming weeks, we will try to publish at least one ConfigMgr ressource per week. I am not saying that we will, but try, since we are doing this the both of us, on our private time, after work.