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This will be the introduction for the SQL Server Prerequisites

This contains the list of the prerequisites


The following list of settings are the required SQL Server 2016 prerequisites:


Additional information
Architecture 64 bits
SQL Collation SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS Exception for SQL servers in China
DataBase compatibility Level 120 (needed starting from ConfigMgr 1702) More informations
SQL Server Features DataBase Engine Services

Reporting Services

Authentication Mixed (question)
Instance Dedicated
Instance Name CM0, CM1 etc…
SQL Memory Limit to 50 to 80 %  How to: Set a Fixed Amount of Memory (SQL Server Management Studio)
Memory Reserve for buffer pool Each instance:

  • CAS → 8 GB
  • Primary → 8 GB
SQL Nested Triggers Enabled (only for SQL Server 2017?) HowHow to: Enable Nested triggers to
SQL Server CLR integration Done automatically during installation of ConfigMgr More information about CLR integration here
SQL Server service Low Rights Domain user account (Best practises). how to: Change the SQL Server Service
How to: Set SPN’s (if system account is used, SPN is set automatically by ConfigMgr).