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Working with configuration manager application supersedence using SQL

SQL: For a specefic project I was searching to get an overview of all the application supersedence in configMgr. I asked on the ConfigMgr Forum and that got me on the right track. (I was using

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How to unlock a configmgr object?

You might have encoutered one of these issues:   This means that sombody else has already opened this object and requested it for edit. But not only, this could also happen in cases when your

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How to read the configmgr Software update classification using SQL

1) Reading the Software update classification from ConfigMgr using SQL In order to get the Software update Classifications sync Settings  we caneed to look into the V_UpdateCategoryInstances our Information, we would use the following query: [crayon-5bc7508836bd0104036496/] And here

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